Dean Tippet



Composer of superb songs and ballads, with traditional elements. Pop songs with a compelling simplicity of theme, lyric and melody. A writer with a distinct signature, creating a specific kind of music: elegant, cool, ironic and intelligent. While Dean Tippet creates for his own voice, many of his songs are written in close collaboration with commissioning artists.



  • 27-11 ‘One Of These Hearts’ featured on new album Benny Sings »

    ‘One Of These Hearts’ by Dean Tippet was recorded by Benny Sings for his new album STUDIO. “A brilliant songwriter. Hollands best kept secret. I often put one of his songs on each album. [..] It’s always like hidden gems. His songs are always perfect, lyric-wise and melody-wise.”, explains the singer in a Q & [..] »


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