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Having a master’s degree in English literature and culture and being well-versed in the popular classics, Jeroen is a versatile writer with a knack for well-wrought lyrics. He knows how to brew ebullient, brooding and witty tunes, always with a refreshing angle on commonplace matters. He has written prolifically for his own band and he has provided songs for clients such as theater productions and children’s television shows. Jeroen is interested in a wide variety of musical styles and knows how to employ jazz, bossa nova, funk, soul, etc.

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Tonio (film)

Jeroen Timmermans
No one Listens To The Lyrics Anyway


  • 01-09 Song by Jeroen Timmermans used in film Tonio »

    The song ‘No One Listens To The Lyrics Anyway’ by Jeroen Timmermans was used in the new Dutch film ‘Tonio’. The film, based a novel written by A.F.Th. van der Heijden, is about two parents who are trying to cope with the recent loss of their 21 year old son Tonio. The film will be [..] »


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