Joost Dobbe

13-07 New composer Joost Dobbe releases EP

Dutch singer/songwriter Joost Dobbe, the latest addition to our roster of composers, has released his new EP ‘Tropical Flavour’.

Inspired by Paul McCartney’s ‘McCartney II’, Dobbe recorded the 5 tracks in his home studio, playing all the instruments himself. He used basic drum machines and mainly acoustic instruments like the guitar, banjo and harmonium (pump organ). The result is a unique sound, reminiscent of the 70s and the musical experiments of current day.

‘Tropical Flavour’ also showcases Dobbe’s broad spectrum of musical interests and influences, from the raw blues sound of ‘Beg You Blues’ to the reggae track ‘Love Yourself’.

In the coming months Joost will embark on his solo tour, as well as playing ‘The 70s Unplugged’ show with his band in theatres throughout the Netherlands.