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Simon Keats is a singer songwriter who believes in the power of imperfection. He loves music to breathe, in the way that the listener can hear that it´s hand-made. His love for the sixties and seventies era (pop, rock, Americana) has not gone unnoticed. He’s been recording with legendary producers* and performing in New York, L.A., Ireland, Benelux, France, Swiss, Italy and Spain.

His latest album Space (2017) was embraced by the press.

ROOTSTIME: ‘Long live the freebooters! We have a special place for musicians who choose their own path, away from trends, commercial goals or business. Oh boy, what a fabulous singer-songwriter album. Ten songs of pure amazement!’

POPMAGAZINE HEAVEN: ‘Space is a full-grown singer songwriter album with beautiful, ear pleasing popsongs.’

In 2019 Keats was chosen OOR talent and got to do more than 35 gigs in The Netherlands. He and his band finished the tour in AFAS LIVE after Beth Hart.

In 2020 and 2021 he released several singles; one of them was Falling Star. It got rotation on national radio in Spain, it was recommended by 3FM´s Rosemarijn and the famous Dutch podcast ´De Grote Plaat´ (Blaudzun and John den Braber).

Both the press and his peers have a soft spot for his music.

THE DAILY INDIE: ‘This is top leage Americana: atmospheric, warm and narrative. Simon proves again and again to be an excellent songwriter.’

Musically he works with the crême de la crême: guitarist Maarten van Damme (Racoon, Wende), (bass)guitarist Arjan Spies (The Kik) and drummer Wim Geenen (Admiral Freebee).

*Steve Addabbo (Lou Reed, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan); Frans Hagenaars (Daryll-Ann, Moss, Bertolf); Jason T. Miller (Reba McEntire, Kanye West, Keyshia Cole); Marc Jacobs (Peter Himmelman, The Groundhogs, Genevieve) & many more!