Below you can find samples of the songs we can provide. Besides the composers/producers mentioned on this site, we also have songs by the artists on our label Dox Records. This database contains songs by artists like New Cool Collective, Roos Jonker, Giovanca, BRUUT! and many more.

Benny Sings

Don’t Sing

Dean Tippet

Better Than Before

Koos Kamerling

In Our Darkest Hour

Michiel van Poelgeest

Song about a whole bunch of stuff

Thorsten East

At The Time

Sjoerd de Vries

Close To You

Filippo Landi

Upside Down

Jeroen Timmermans

No one Listens To The Lyrics Anyway

Charlene Meulenberg


Rajan Muse

Zak Omlaag

Willem Friede

Audio reel #4

Peter Bergman

I Will Wait

Stephanie Sibbald

Lunar Phase II

Gabriel Self

Going Places

Joost Dobbe

Beg You Blues