Sven van Zweden



Suddenly he’s here, out of nowhere: songwriter/producer Sven van Zweden. Following a successful career as fashion designer and producer, his youthful passion for music, originally inspired by the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, has at last drawn him into the recording studio.

After years as a fashion guru, Sven van Zweden has quickly written enough songs to fill several albums. At first for other singers, and now with his own personal plan. Studying work by artists such as Quincy Jones, Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, Trevor Horn, Donald Fagen and George Martin, he began producing his own songs using electronic and acoustic instruments merged into a varied mix.

Sven van Zweden aims for quality, based on the fashion concept of hanger appeal: a design that looks so good on the hanger that it is completely irresistible. His sense of aesthetic and design is evident in his music, with his clean sound suffused with the warmth and richness of famous Seventies productions. An array of influences is audible, from Nile Rodgers to Frank Ocean and from Michael Jackson to Daft Punk, each song with a strong structure and beautiful Beatles-style harmonies.